The Region's 1st Choice For Auction Services

The Region's 1st Choice For Auction Services

Our History

Sherman Sr. and Doris Hostetter started Hostetter Auctioneers in 1955.  Sherman Sr. always loved auctions and attended auctions with his father while growing up in Ohio.  In the early 1950’s Sherm and Doris had a barber and beauty shop when a farmer came in to get his hair cut. He told Sherm that he wanted to sell his farm, a few days later a gentlemen was sitting in the same barber chair told Sherm that he wanted to buy a farm. Sherm got the guys connected.  Not expecting anything, a few months later he got a check in the mail for $500. He told Doris that they are going to start their auction business with that money. They slowly phased out of cutting hair and went full time into the auction business in 1955.

Raising 2 boys in the business their sons Lee and Sherm joined the family business after college. Helping to grow the company. It’s now into the 3rd generation of the Hostetter Family.   Pioneering the new online auction business model Hostetter Auctioneers is leading the Pittsburgh auction market through technology and innovation.

The company has grown to have 8 auction sales agents, a full time marketing department, accounting department and rental department. Along with a full time auction set up staff to handle all aspects of an auction from beginning to end.

Hostetter Auctioneers have always believed the key to success is being honest with your clients and representing them and their assets to the best of your ability.